Fab Photos is your best choice of a discrete, professional, confidence boosting, fun photographer in Port Macquarie.

If you would like to discuss a photo shoot please call me on 0412225501 or email steve@fabphotos.com.au

Some things to think about leading up to your photo shoot

  1. Have Fun. Relax this process should be fun. In my case I guarantee it.

  2. Bring a Friend Someone you are comfortable with and can help you change and maybe even hold a reflector.

  3. Research looks you like. Search looks you like and send them to the photographer. He should also have sent you looks he will be looking for. I have a comprehensive poses section on my web site. If you would like to have a look let me know.

  4. Clean plain clothes (not solid white or black). Make sure the clothes you are going to wear are clean. Nothing spoils a good look more than dirty spots on an otherwise clean tee shirt.

  5. Groomed, hydrated and rested model. Get a good night sleep before the shoot and dose up on the H2O. This will help reduce and bags under the eyes and a rested model is a happier model and a happier model smiles more naturally.

  6. Simple or no jewellery unless of course it's a jewellery shoot. We want to see you not your jewellery.

  7. No elastic, belts or bra straps for a couple of hours before the shoot. Deep grooves are difficult to remove in post processing. If it is not needed or part of the look, loose the bra all together. Bras and bra straps never look good in photos.

  8. If it is an option, utilise any available makeup and hair artists. They can make a huge difference for a modest fee.

  9. Avoid fake tans and don't overdo the makeup. Fake tans should be down a couple of days before if at all and use only a little makeup to start the shoot with. More can added if required.

  10. Any hair removal should be done a day or so earlier leading up to the shoot so as to settle down prior to the shoot.

  11. Let the photographer know of any specific blemishes you would prefer not to show. The posing can bear this in mind as can the post processing.

  12. Allow sufficient time for the creative process. Nothing kills creativity and natural looks more than being in a hurry.

  13. Try to get there early and allow enough time afterwards in case your get flowing and the looks are coming.

  14. Understand the fee to be charged and what is included. Remember the photographer needs to make a living as well, so be sure you know what the session includes and what you can expect from it.

  15. Respect the intellectual property of the resulting images. Unless otherwise agreed, the photographer will own the photographs. You should sign a release agreement that specifies what both you and the photographer can do with the images.

Here at Fab photos we have an extensive range of outfits for you to choose from but for a model shoot or a glamour shoot with your own outfits, think about bringing some outfits you would wear;

  1. relaxing around the house 

  2. to the beach

  3. to a BBQ

  4. to a party

  5. to a club or pub

  6. to a nightclub

  7. to a formal function

  8. any themed outfits you want get captured, cosplay, lingerie, etc 

  9. any other outfits you like and or feel or look good in